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Roving Report: How to Write Preselling Web Pages

When you make a sale offline, you have a chance to develop a face-to-face relationship with your prospect. Online relationship building is a little different. On the Internet you have to rely on words, your website, and your online behavior to build a positive reputation and to prepare your prospects to want to do business […]

Clarifying Your Offer With a Classic Formula

Whenever you write persuasive copy, the top three things influencing your success are the audience, the copy, and the offer. Without a compelling offer, your sales copy will never be as strong as it could be. Today, John Torre shares a classic formula you can use to make sure your offer is as strong and […]

How Prison Break Can Help You Create A Killer Swipe File

Every copywriter and web writer is encouraged to keep a swipe file – a collection of letters, ads, web pages, and email promotions that inspire you to write better copy and fill you with ideas. But, if you’re like many writers, you tuck your swipe file away and don’t look at it nearly as often […]