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Crafting an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

A well-crafted offer can overcome bad copy and even a bad headline. Why? Because so many readers jump ahead to read the offer before taking the time to read the copy. There are many different ways to write an effective offer and it’s well worth your time to master them all.

Three Keys to Evaluating Your Market

Knowing the overall state of the market is crucial to ensuring a successful promotion. To put the odds in your favor, you need to understand how news events, buying trends, and the competition affect how your prospect reads your promotion. Today, John Torre delves into these three factors and shows you how to make them […]

Researching What Drives Your Prospect to Buy Your Product

Too often copywriters, especially those just in the beginning stages, fail to see a potential customer as anything more than a nameless prospect. This type of rationale can be deadly to your writing. Always keep in mind that your prospect is a living, breathing human being just like yourself, and you’ll find it much easier […]