Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing Is About PartnershipsMatthew Troncone

Partnerships formed between one or more nonprofit and for-profit organizations,

in order to promote a social or environmental cause.

Whether you are sponsoring a Grassroots campaign or Corporate Philanthropy,

Promotions are part of any cause marketing campaign.
It involves publicity and advertising as a way to gain attention and engage with customers.

Some other benefits include:

• Improve your image with a positive return on investment

• Nonprofits thru exposure can create awareness and increased funding

• Social causes gain attention and action

 The new definition of a brand

It’s no longer about your logo or look…


It’s not just a communications or a fundraising tool.

It’s bigger than what you do, it’s how someone feels about your organization — it’s not what

you say you are…

But what your customers say you are.

It’s what you stand for.

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