Social Media Services

Are you using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin?

You probably have a Facebook page, profiles on Linkedin and Google plus, maybe you even tweet once in a while…

 If you do great!

That means you understand lead generation and sales marketing have changed, and keep changing.

 If you’re like most business’s you are doing social media badly.

 Social media is no longer an option; it is a necessity.

 Social media has created a huge opportunity to reach your customers and increase your sales

  “Are you crazy Matt, I am too busy taking care of my clients and running my business, I don’t have time for that stuff.”

 True, you may not have time to manage your social media efforts, you can’t simply stand on the sidelines and ignore it either.

 Are you having hard time finding a copywriter who can handle your B2B web content, SEO content, autoresponder email, Web site, and other social media copy?

 Congratulations, you have just found a freelance copywriter specializing in B2B social media marketing.

 What does this means for you? More time to take care of your business.

While you run your business I’ll do the following…

      • Post on Facebook and other social media accounts

      • Create SEO content for your Website

      • Set up your email autoresponder  campaign

      • Send out your tweets

      • Optimize your Website for social media

      • Create video sales letters

      • Integrate sales process with social media 

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