Copywriting FAQ

FYI on pricing:

The most popular question people ask me is “how much?” The answer is “I don’t know yet” (really). I haven’t seen your project.

This is because every project is unique. For example, depending on the subject and the intent of the writing, sometimes it’s easier to write a series of informative articles than it is to write lengthy pages of sales copy. And sometimes it’s not. That’s why I won’t know how much your project will be until we exchange a few ideas.

I can tell you I’m not the most expensive, nor am I the cheapest. However, if you are a businessperson, you’ll find my rates reasonable. I bill what other self-employed professionals charge for their skill and expertise – such as a good contractor, a plumber, an accountant, etc.

If that sounds fair, then we definitely need to talk.

My policy regarding privacy and spam:

I hate spam myself. I’m interested in writing for you, not putting you on some list and selling your e-mail to a third party. I guarantee your information will remain private, and you will hear back from me exactly once (and I’ll leave it up to you to take it from there.)

In other words, you can contact me with complete confidence.

What are your fees?

I determine all fees on a per-project basis. There are just too many variables to do it any other way. This allows your project and your quote to be unique to you. It’s really simple to get a quote – just send me a quote request, and I’ll get back to you with a price. You won’t be put on any mailing lists or get a pitch or anything. I promise.

I’m also very flexible – listen, I want to write for you. I work with companies with all different kinds of budgets. As long as you’re realistic and don’t expect me to write for $8 to $10 an hour (or beer – I’ve been offered that too), we can probably work together.

What size companies do you work for?

I’ve worked for Mom and Pop local stores, home-based startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. Size truly doesn’t matter – I’m interested in working for anyone who wants good copy at reasonable rates.

I already have something written – can you just touch it up?

Believe or not I get inquires like this all the time. I can take what you already have, and add a little tweak to it, and turn it into something that really works for you.

I needed this yesterday – can you help?

This will really depend on the project, and the deadlines I have for the day. If it’s something small (quick letter or a “can you look this over?”), you might be catching me at a good time (it doesn’t hurt to ask.) But for most “normal sized” projects, I know you will understand that I usually have two to three weeks worth of work booked up in advance (and trust me, you don’t want a writer who’s free for a big project tomorrow – there’s a reason they have no work).

The best thing I can tell you is if you want your project done by a certain date, do not wait around – reach out to me and get on my schedule.

Can you help me figure out what content and pages to have on my website?

Yes! In fact, web content writing is something I do really well. A great website flows logically and encourages exploration. Tell me about your business, and I’ll help you (keep in mind I’m not a web designer, but I can answer the “what do we say, where do we say it, what order should the pages be in, etc” questions.)

I have a big project; will you do all the writing?

I’m a one-man shop. However, sometimes my clients need a big project; it may be hundreds of pages, so I have several professional writers on call that are available to help out on these larger projects. Regardless, all projects, without exception, cross my desk, and get an extended proofread / edit. The added help simply allows me to take on larger projects, and offer the same high level of quality. Plus if we already know each other working together on your larger project is much easier for both of us.

Do you have to learn about my business to write about it?

Yes, I will research your business, industry, competition, and customers. Internet research is another part of the professional writing services I offer to other copywriters and authors. I also have a questionnaire I’ll have you fill out for most projects. However, I’d rather not be an expert in your business. And it’s probably better that way. I am writing for your readers, so I try and put myself in their shoes instead of yours.

What if I don’t like what you write? Will you rewrite it?

Don’t like what I write??? Gasp…The horror!! That never happens!!

Seriously though, editing and rewriting are sometimes a normal part of the writing process. I expect feedback from you, and to possibly make a revision if needed.

Do I need to pay a deposit? And do you take credit cards?

I collect 50% of the estimated total (or a retainer if ongoing) as a deposit. This is what gets you on my project calendar. For jobs $750 and under, I require pre-payment in full. I take credit cards online, so paying is easy.

Someone else said they’ll do my writing cheaper. Will you match their price?

It seems these days no matter what your business is, someone else will always do it cheaper. My website may be, however my copy is priceless! Cheaper doesn’t mean better. It just means “cheaper”. I charge a professional, competitive fee for what is easily some of the best business writing services out there, and I’m worth every penny.

That was obviously the long answer. The short answer is “sorry, but no, I won’t”.

How long do you take to do a project?

Without knowing the size of your project it is hard to say, however most projects take one to three weeks to complete. If your project is rather large (like a website of hundreds of pages) it could take months. And others might take one afternoon.

You can be confident knowing your project will be done when we are both happy with it.

Are there any subjects you won’t write about?

Not really. As long as what you want me to write is legal, I’ll probably do it. I’m not into writing for obvious “scam” type money-making schemes.

NOTE: Please be advised that I may require you to document any claims that you make about your product or in your existing copy. I will not write copy that makes assertions that cannot be documented and substantiated.

Are there any types of projects you don’t take on?

I review each project individually before I make a decision on accepting or declining it.

Who owns the writing ?

You do (once you pay for it). I may ask if I can use it as a sample.

Do you make websites or do graphic design?

No, I do not, however I do have working relationships with people who do, and will be happy to refer you to them.

What hours do you work?

Generally Monday – Friday, normal business hours (US Eastern time.)

I like this FAQ – can you make me one?

Every sales or service website needs a FAQ. Just ask.