Researching What Drives Your Prospect to Buy Your Product

“Advertising is salesmanship mass produced. No one would bother to use advertising if he could talk to all his prospects face-to-face. But he can’t.” — Morris Hite

Hello again! Today we’re going to pick up where we left off last week when we talked about thoroughly researching the product you’re writing about.

This week, it’s all about knowing your prospect … especially his thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.

Suffice it to say that you can never know your prospect too well. Many copywriters fail to spend the necessary time and effort studying and understanding their prospects at the level that’s needed to “enter the running conversation” in their mind. (And believe me, that’s where you need to be if you’re asking him to trust you on the promises you’re making in a sales letter.)

But, what is that level of understanding? Well, for the purposes of a direct-response letter or landing page copy (or any sales copy, for that matter), it means being fully knowledgeable and aware of the key factors that influence him when making a buying decision. These include:

Your prospect’s desires — What he wants and doesn’t want must be known and understood if you’re going to persuade him to buy the product. The easiest, most practical way of attaining this is to think in terms of the problem that he wants solved. Problems cause pain — be it physical, emotional, or otherwise — and as human beings, we’re motivated to avoid pain and pursue pleasure … not to mention the fact that we want to do both as quickly as possible! This means that the prospect’s level of desire will always be directly related to the level of urgency found in the problem.

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