Web Copywriting – Why D.I.Y. Doesn’t Pay

Many small business owners choose to write their own web copy. However, there are many reasons why this is not a good idea.

Read on below to discover how taking a D.I.Y. approach to copywriting could harm your business from the beginning.

You haven’t assigned a value to your own time

If you’ve decided to write your own website copy you need to consider how long it will take you. For example if you’re responsible for the sales in your business, can you afford to take a few days, a week or even longer to write some text?

If you assign an hourly value to your own time, it may become obvious that you’d be cheaper employing a professional copywriter to write your website text.
For example, if your own hourly rate is $100 per hour and it takes you three working days at seven hours a day to write the copy, then it’s cost you $2100.

An experienced copywriter may be able to do a better job in half the time at a lower average hourly rate.

You don’t write for a living

If your car breaks down you’ll probably take it to a mechanic. If one of your teeth comes loose in the night, you’ll make an appointment with your dentist.

Why should copy-writing be any different? If you’ve just set up an online clothes shop and have experience with fashion retailers, does that make you a good copywriter?

Think about it; would you go to a copywriter for fashion advice?

You’re too focused on your business rather than your customers

A professional copywriter can easily spot a website that’s been written by the business owner. The focus is usually on the company rather than on what benefits their product or service offers potential customers.
Like it or not, nobody actually cares what year your business was founded, how many staff you employ or how many qualifications you have.

People want to know how they will benefit from using your product or service – what solution can you provide them to a problem they’re having and why should they choose you over other companies?

Your text may need to be replaced

If you take the D.I.Y. approach to writing your website text, you may find that people are leaving your site without taking the desired action e.g. placing an order or making an inquiry.

If your text doesn’t hit the mark when your site is launched, the cost of having the site developed and your own time writing the text could turn out to be a complete waste.

You could be missing out on valuable sales

Following on from my last point, if your text isn’t making people buy or inquire, this could be costing you a fortune in lost sales.

Can you afford to have an under-performing website for even a few months?

If you had a sales person working for your company who continually didn’t meet their targets month after month, would you take action or just leave them to it?

Take action now!