Why Companies Online are Desperate for Persuasive Direct-Response Copywriters

When you look at most websites, the majority of their pages are not sales pages.

In fact, most of the pages on websites are informational. They are pretty much like the editorial content you would find in a magazine or newspaper.

As a result, you might think that website owners are primarily concerned with finding good content writers.

Not so.

If you ask just about any online business owner about the kind of writer they value the most, their answer will be something like this …

“Above all else, we need persuasive online copywriters. We need writers who are trained to drive action and increase conversion rates, across all online media.”

How come?

Because the Web is the ultimate direct-response medium.

Think about it … direct-response writing is about making things happen.

And on the Web, if nothing “happens” … you have failed.

Let’s start with a company’s home page. A visitor arrives at the home page for the first time, scans the page, and then leaves. Outcome? The page has failed. It failed because the words failed to make something happen … they failed to make the reader click through to another page on the site.

That “click” is everything. If readers don’t click on links, both the site and the company fail.

It’s the same for a page which might appear to be editorial. For example, a consumer electronics site might have a page which informs people all about the different types of digital cameras they could buy. It isn’t a sales page, it’s an information page. But, if someone reads that page, and then leaves the site, the page has failed. That page has to include links to product pages, where the reader can buy a camera. And, the editorial page has to pre-sell the reader, to maximize the click-through-rate to